Laser Hair Removal

Our Comet is powered by ELOS™ combined energy technology, the newest development in high speed hair removal. Unlike older laser and light based technologies which use only one energy source, our laser offers the first and only technology to combine two energy sources for maximum speed, effectiveness and comfort. Pulses of targeted energy isolate the treatment area and leave surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. And with its large spot size and fast pulse rate – there is no hair removal technology that can beat the Comet’s speed. Imagine legs, backs, arms – all large body zones treated in half the time. Simply put, the Comet is proven to be the safest, fastest, most effective hair removal solution for the superior results you deserve.

Laser hair reduction technology is an FDA cleared procedure effective for males and females and for all skin types. This procedure delivers permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Effective on all skin and hair colors.