Frozen in Time Stem Cell Skin Therapy

By introducing live stem cells that are genetically flawless to the human skin, our dry, mature, older cells begin to restore themselves and replicate generations of healthier, stronger, more youthful looking skin. This clinically proven treatment grows new skin and renews skin that is compromised through environmental factors, sun damage, stress, etc. It is also ideal for sunburns, post-laser, post chemical peels, and post surgery to regenerate healthy looking skin. The DNA cryogenic products were evaluated and tested for consumer safety and welfare by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) with final review and clearance for marketing and distribution issued in 2000.

It is available in two types of treatments.

Hydrating CryoStem Treatment. Restores and hydrates all skin types. Excellent for dehydration, pigmentation, environmental damage, sun damage and more.

Firming CryoStem Treatment. Tightens and tones skin that has lost it’s elasticity and flexibility. Ideal for all skin types.