Facts About Laser Hair Removal

Jan 12 2018

Laser hair removal treatments seek to destroy the cells of the hair follicle without damaging the adjacent skin. For this, the amount of melanin in the hair is higher than the amount of melanin in the skin at the same exposure to this beam of light; the hair is burnt. Another factor that helps is the amount of water that contains the surface and helps us to cool the heat received while the hair keeps the temperature.

As the hair is burned in each session, the cells of the hair are destroyed making the follicle inactive gradually. The number of sessions varies depending not only on the color of the hair and the skin but also on the area to be treated, the age of the client, the hormonal load he has, the solar exposure of the area, etc.

We can customize the parameters so that it adjusts to the desired treatment according to color and thickness of the hair, skin melanin, the sensitivity of the client, area to be treated, degree of sun exposure, etc. This allows us to obtain good results in tanned skin, blond hair and red hair. We work with independent cold equipment capable of lowering the temperature of the skin several degrees thanks to which we can use high potencies without risk of erythema. Due to this application of constant cold, the client hardly perceives discomfort during the treatment.

The results are already seen from the first session, reducing the number of active follicles in the area and slowing the growth of hair from session to session and eliminating it.

Why perform Laser Hair Removal?

It is safe

It is a method that has been analyzed in depth, and that has the guarantee of being authorized by both the European Union and the United States FDA. There are studies carried out in children suffering from Hirsutism, whether medicated or pathological, in which laser treatment has been the only solution for them.

It is fast

In just 5 minutes. The treatment can be done like an armpit session.

It is universal

The fda approved laser hair removal has a great advantage, it does not produce hypo-pigmentation, so it is suitable to treat dark or tanned skin as well as light skins.

It is painless

Laser hair removal or coolsculpting near me does not hurt. It is undeniable that there are people with very low thresholds of heat tolerance who may feel discomfort. But even in these cases, it will be less painful than the hair waxing and also with the course of the sessions. These pains will be less and less because by decreasing the number of follicles and therefore hair, you will feel less discomfort in each session. In case the patient needs it, cold gels or anesthetic creams can be used.

It is effective

It is worth emphasizing again that getting a laser hair removal near me is incredibly efficient, after finishing the treatment, the hair disappears and stops growing, so it is no longer necessary to perform more sessions.

It is rewarding

This is the last point, but not because it is less important, many patients have suffered because they have a lot of hair or have growth accelerated and at different times they have felt self-conscious or limited by it. The treatment of laser hair removal could end with that own limitation and open the door to a better relationship with other people and more importantly increase their self-esteem, thus strengthening their self-esteem.

What will happen after the laser hair removal session?

Once the treatment is finished, you can apply a gel with aloe vera or some unscented moisturizer to have the skin hydrated and fresh.

In the course of 10 to 15 days after the session, you will see that the hair grows, but you will see that all those who were in the stage of adequate maturity, will grow and will fall, disappearing from the skin and to your lives.

When those hairs that were in the telogen or cage phase back out, they were not eliminated in the first session and will mature for the next one. In the remaining hair, you can see that both the growth and the time it takes to be born is slower and the most important thing that has been reduced in quantity.

You must shave that hair, and when it has been 30 to 40 days since the first session, you will have the necessary maturity stage to attend to your next session.


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